Income Tax Preparation


Most of our clients just don’t ever leave us even if they move to California, New England, New York, Nebraska, Washington State, South Carolina, Georgia, Montana, Illinois and elsewhere. We continue to provide support for you wherever you may be. Contact Appel Accounting for details. Individuals and business owners should take advantage of our professional tax prep service . . . It’s reliable, convenient and affordable. We electronically transmit personal and corporate tax returns to the IRS saving you time and ensuring accuracy.  We’re an authorized IRS E-FILE Provider and long time members of NATP (National Association of Tax Professionals).  New clients are offered a flat fee rate of $45 for most personal tax returns . . . contact us!

Appel Accounting works to stay current with all the latest changes in the tax law and we welcome any question that you may have as we actively seek ways to minimize your tax exposure. We will research the tax code to find the right answer and we will seek advice from our Tax Consultants if the situation calls for it.

If you own rental property, or a small business, if you’ve sold stocks or collect dividends, if you have a loss due to casualty or theft or if you have work related itemized deductions; Appel Accounting is well versed in the necessary practices to help you successfully file on time. We’ll help you itemize if it makes sense and we’ll give you our opinion as to how you might reduce your income tax.

Oh yes, we can prepare any state tax return should that be necessary.

Corporate filings including; C Corps and Sub-S Corps, as well as Non-Profits or LLC’s are accurately prepared for you. If you are a partner in a partnership then you need to see us. If you want to review your financials with us prior to preparation of your corporate return then we’d be pleased to do so at your convenience. We offer weekend and evening appointments.

If you’d rather, you may Prepare Your Own Tax Return right here using our secure web site. You’ll find our software to be easy to use and complete.

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Bob Appel is authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS at all administrative levels, up to, but not including Tax Court.  Appel Accounting competes directly with CPA’s, tax preparers and other accountant’s. Because Bob is an enrolled agent, which is a federal designation, he can work across state borders, whereas CPA’s and attorneys must meet the reciprocity requirements of any state they wish to practice in.

Appel Accounting can prepare your business taxes, your personal taxes and represent you before the IRS if you are audited. Please also note that most small business owners would be better served if  they were to consider an Enrolled Agent.

If you owe more taxes than you can afford to pay then perhaps you should consult with Appel Accounting. As an Enrolled Agent, Bob Appel may seek a “compromise” between you and the IRS. The IRS, under certain circumstances, has the authority to settle your federal tax liabilities at less than the full amount. Bob knows the process and it starts with bringing each of your tax filings current. There are specific steps involved and you should consider a “free” consultation with Appel Accounting to determine if you may qualify.


Payroll Processing:


Businesses need flexibility . . . we offer it. IRS penalties for inaccurate or incomplete payroll filings loom large. Appel Accounting’s fee for payroll processing is the lowest! You may choose from a variety of methods to have your payroll processed. If you would like us to prepare and print laser payroll checks, we can do it for you. If you’d rather print or write your own checks but don’t want the headache of having to calculate and transmit the deposits or quarterly reports, we can help you. If you only need the quarterly reports, then we offer that service as well.

From payroll checks and 1099’s to deposit prep, unemployment comp and 941’s. For Year End reports, W-2’s and W-3’s you can count on us. Simple payrolls or complete services . . . call Appel Accounting today.


Accounting & Bookkeeping:


Watch the performance of your business, minimize your tax exposure and stay in control. We provide complete financial statements including Balance Sheet, P&L and Cash Flow details as often as you desire. We’ll prepare and file your sales tax if applicable. We utilize bank reconciliation and double entry bookkeeping routines, we ensure that all of your expenses are accurately recorded providing you with the necessary metrics to run your business. Don’t wait until year end in order to take measure of your tax status or to take corrective action . . . know your business and operate on a “pro-active” basis. Fees for these services practically pay for themselves. Contact Appel Accounting today for details.

Should I incorporate? Should I establish an LLC? What if I have partners?  If I decide to create a business entity, what type of entity should I deploy? Have you ever wondered about this? If you have, then contact Appel Accounting. We’ll provide you with the pros and cons of forming a corporation. If you decide to take this important step, then we’ll help you successfully file all the necessary documents for a very modest fee. Why not call Appel Accounting?