Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise is an agreement to settle debt between the IRS and a taxpayer who has no way of paying his / her prior taxes. If the IRS accepts the offer in compromise, the taxpayer will be relieved of any tax debt he / she may owe. The IRS will accept an offer in compromise if there is doubt he / she can pay what is owed. Occasionally, an offer in compromise will be accepted if a taxpayer proves the tax would create an economic hardship. The taxpayer must file and pay taxes for the five year period after his / her offer is accepted, or he / she will again be responsible for all the prior taxes and penalties.

The Internal Revenue Service has released a new edition of the Offer in Compromise, in May 2012, as well as an update to the Internal Revenue Manual in regards to Financial Analysis of Offer in Compromise cases. The Internal Revenue Service announcement is more flexible and is designed to help a greater number of struggling taxpayers make a fresh start.

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