IRS Audit

Not all audits are done face-to-face with an IRS representative; in fact, the majority of IRS audits are correspondence audits, done through the mail. Even if you have not been selected for a face-to-face audit, we will help you fill out the necessary additional paperwork completely and correctly, in order to ensure that you are in compliance.

If you are selected to meet with the IRS then you will be notified of what documentation the IRS would like beforehand, so that you may be prepared for a face-to-face meeting, or fill out correspondence audit paperwork as previously mentioned. The IRS may be examining the entirety of your return, or they may only want clarification for a specific part of the return. For example, if you own a small business and have been continuously reporting a loss, and therefore no tax liability, for the business, the IRS may want further proof of your losses. This could include everything from rent receipts and utility statements, to a detailed record of customer billings.

Most audits end in a change to the filing. This could be in favor of the taxpayer, or the IRS; the IRS does not necessarily target taxpayers that may owe them more money. You could walk away from an IRS audit being owed additional tax refund money.

While only about one percent of taxpayers are audited per year, you may find yourself in that minority. Instead of going through the stressful process of an IRS audit alone, why not seek audit representation from Appel Accounting.