Tax Preparation

Our clients don’t ever seem to leave us even if they move to California, New England, New York, Nebraska, Arizona, Washington State, South Carolina, Georgia, Montana, Illinois, New Mexico and elsewhere. We continue to provide support wherever you may be. We utilize a secure portal and your data is not stored on a personal computer. Encryption protects your privacy.

Individuals and business owners should take advantage of our professional tax prep service . . .
It’s reliable, convenient and affordable. Tax returns are electronically transmitted to the IRS saving you time and ensuring accuracy. We’re an authorized IRS E-FILE Provider.

Appel Accounting works to stay current with all the latest changes in the tax code and we welcome any question you may have as we actively seek ways to minimize your tax exposure. We’ll research the tax code to find the right answer. We’ll seek opinions from our affiliates and consultants and associates if the situation calls for it. As an Enrolled Agent, Bob Appel is required to study for and earn CE’s (Continuing Education credits) each and every year. If you own rental property, or a small business, if you’ve sold stocks or collect dividends, if you have a loss due to casualty or theft or if you have work related itemized deductions; Appel Accounting is well versed in the necessary practices to help you take advantage. We’ll help you itemize if it makes sense and we’ll give you our opinion as to how you might reduce your income tax.

We prepare any state tax return should that be necessary.
We prepare corporate filings including; C Corps and S Corps and LLC’s filing as corps. If you’re a partner in a partnership then you need to meet with us. If you’d like to review your financials prior to preparation then we’d be pleased to do so at your convenience.
We offer weekend and evening appointments at the same location since 1996. If you’d prefer, you may go ahead and Prepare Your Own Tax Return right here using our secure web site. You’ll find our software to be easy to use and complete. Contact Appel Accounting today for all of your Income Tax needs . . . Put us to work!