Many business owners DO NOT utilize bookkeeping as a business tool. The majority of businesses use bookkeeping solely as a means to track data after the year is already over.

“What Gets Measured Gets Managed”. Our bookkeeping routines allow us to review recent financial data and make informed decisions on cash-flow projections and potential areas for expense reduction . . .  help you successfully manage your business:

Make Good Decisions: Correctly categorize income and expenses. Review the monthly numbers and make informed business decisions.  Accurate bookkeeping routines will allow you to measure the inflow (sales) and the outflow (expenses) of your funds.

Resolve Potential Audit Issues by maintaining accurate records on a routine basis. You’ll have the support you need in the event that you’re audited by the IRS. In case of an audit, accurate records could help save you money, significant money and fines and penalties.

Reduce your Income Taxes. Having accurate records not only create tax savings but can also save time and energy at year end. Take a look at how you can benefit. Today is the day to make some changes and formalize your bookkeeping activities. Contact Appel Accounting today for details.